Thursday, October 23, 2008

Internet in Mexico Part 2

Yesterday after 3 days of calling for help to fix our internet connection, a service car pulls up in front of the office. He does his routine and tells me that he will tell the people to come and do maintenance on the connection point tomorrow. (see photo)
Today they should be here, but there is no sign of the maintenance people.

Yes we have internet, but it works as the indicator light on a mexican car, on/off/on/off/off/off/on/off-off-off-off-off/on, no correct the last one to OFF.

The speed is half of what we pay for and there is zero speed in upload. Its bad to have 0 speed in upload cause its almost impossible to send an e-mail out from here.

Story continues, who knows it might never end, remember where I

NB: It took only 4 attempts to upload this tiny photo..
Correction, I had to do it from home, jejejeje

silversurfer alias sailingaction

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