Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Live Volcano in Puebla, "Popocatepetl" 09.2008

This Volcano I can see from my house, and it is the biggest one in Mexico.

Hiking in Zacatlan, PUE. Mexico 12.2008

The view from the out-skirt of the centre is magnificent. Down in the wally runs a river and there is many beautiful waterfalls to visit. The decent is quite steep to the bottom of the wally. The lower you get the mix of trees and jungle is fascinating to observe.

Blue Flower

Shot in Atlixco Mexico 11.2008 below the church on the top of the hill that can bee seen from the centre.

James Brown - Show '66

James Brown - Show '66
Video sent by weldbardo

James Brown - It's A Man's World....

James Brown, le roi de la soul, est mort

Surnommé "le Parrain de la Soul" ou "Mr Sex Machine", le chanteur américain James Brown qui a accumulé au cours d'une carrière longue et mouvementée, disques au succès planétaire, cures de désintoxication et séjours en prison, est mort à l'âge de 73 ans à Atlanta, a-t-on appris lundi auprès de sa maison de disques.
"M. Brown est décédé tôt ce matin. Nos pensées et nos prières vont à sa famille et à ses proches", a indiqué Intrigue Music dans un communiqué.
"Le chanteur avait été admis dimanche soir à l'hôpital Emory Crawford Long d'Atlanta avec des symptômes de pneumonie. Il est mort vers 01H45 lundi matin d'une insuffisance cardiaque congestive", selon la maison de disques.
"Laura et moi sommes attristés par la mort de James Brown", a affirmé le président George W. Bush dans un communiqué transmis par la Maison Blanche.
"Durant un demi siècle, le talent novateur du 'parrain de la soul music' a enrichi notre culture et influencé des générations de musiciens", a-t-il estimé.
La mort du chanteur a surpris tous ses proches. James Brown devait se produire mercredi et jeudi dans le Connecticut et le New Jersey (nord-est) et deux concerts étaient prévus à New York le 31 décembre.
Selon Intrigue Music, James Brown devait chanter aussi au Canada au début de l'année 2007 et trois concerts étaient prévus en France (Grenoble, Marseille et Paris) en juin.
Connu pour ses performances scéniques et ses tenues de scène voyantes, devenu l'homme le plus imité du show business, James Brown, alias également "Mr Dynamite", a produit plus de 75 albums, vendus à des millions d'exemplaires dans le monde.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Canon EOS 5D Mark ll

The new amazing camera form Canon will be out shortly in beginning of December 2008. This is the new era of Digital DSLR full frame cameras, and will satisfy the most eager photographer. It also has built in full HD video capabilities.

Here is the link to a full review, CANON 5D Mark ll, 21MP and HD movie

This is the one I will be getting myself for Christmas this year.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Panorama Photo Cholula

Here is the second panorama from Cholula. This time facing the live volcano Popocatepetl. Today it was calm and no smoke coming out.
Panorama was shot on freehand and consist of 9 photos stitched together in Photoshop.
Enjoy the view from Cholula, click on Photo to see bigger size.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Nissan 370Z

Today Nissan released the first official photos for the replacement for the 350Z with 370Z. The car is slightly shorter, but wider and have a more aerodynamic front.
They also changed the shape of the front and tail lights to be more distinctive.

No technical specification is released yet, but will come soon, while approaching LA Auto show in November. Would love to trade mine for the new, it looks really cool and not to forget the bigger engine and lighter body weight.

While waiting for the technical details enjoy the photos.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Walk in Cholula

Today we had a walk in Cholula, and for once I brought my camera. We walked to the ancient church on the top of the hill. From one of the sides that is facing Puebla Centro, I shot several images to make a panorama in Photoshop.

Here is the result, next time I will do it from the other side.

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Discover music 2

Yesterday I got the urge to listen to music from the 70 and 80. Back then i was digging the grove and funky music in addition to Siouxsie and the Banshees, Man Fred Man's Earth Band, Iggy Pop etc, brings back a lot of memories.
Check it out on www.seeqpod.com its free and great......

This is the place to listen and discover new music with a single click on the search button. Make your own playlist and enjoy your listening.
Quoting The Magazine WIRED:

"Imagine a big, invisible net that could haul in all of the fish that are hiding under various rocks and crags of the world's oceans ... except the fish stay just where they are, despite the fact that you get as many fish as you want... That's basically what SeeqPod does for music."

SeeqPod | Playable Search

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Internet in Mexico 3

Today I am blogging from home due to our internet problem at the office.
The maintenance people showed up one day late, but when they heard about my problem they said that they could not help me cause this was not their job, and they didn't know anyway, how to fix this. They did not know either who could, so no the repair circle has ended and I am left with problem that started it all.

I don't really want to call again and be on the phone line for another 45 min.
Any ideas anyone????

This is my second internet provider and I am afraid I have to try to get someone else again. The question is who???? There is no other, long live the monopoly, corruption, low quality products in Mexico it really gives us consumer stability and good services, SLIM....

RIP Megacable it was fun as long as it lasted, LOL

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Internet in Mexico Part 2

Yesterday after 3 days of calling for help to fix our internet connection, a service car pulls up in front of the office. He does his routine and tells me that he will tell the people to come and do maintenance on the connection point tomorrow. (see photo)
Today they should be here, but there is no sign of the maintenance people.

Yes we have internet, but it works as the indicator light on a mexican car, on/off/on/off/off/off/on/off-off-off-off-off/on, no correct the last one to OFF.

The speed is half of what we pay for and there is zero speed in upload. Its bad to have 0 speed in upload cause its almost impossible to send an e-mail out from here.

Story continues, who knows it might never end, remember where I am......lol

NB: It took only 4 attempts to upload this tiny photo..
Correction, I had to do it from home, jejejeje

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One relaxing quiet coffee at Starbucks...

Sitting at Starbucks sipping my coffee relaxing watching traffic and people passing by. Suddenly a big pickup very old comes along, "bang" and his front wheel comes off. Traffic caos is immideately and another car gets hit cause he did not pay attencion. Watching the surroundings, people is very calm about the whole event since this is, after all, a common thing here.
The only upset person is the car who got hit since he didn't saw what was coming.

Finally the transito shows up with a digital camera, and will hopefully solve the mess.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just a reminder to all of us out there wondering...

Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die.

What could be better than love, while passing through life, with a spirit of happiness surrounding your soul and path towards the end. Better to go with a smile than nothing at all.

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Internet in Mexico

With the company Megacable we pay for 4Mb/s. For 2 days now we have barley had 0.5 Mb/s. The process to get hold of anybody to fix this is a marathon race waiting forever and ever for someone to answer the phone. After 45 min they tell us to measure the Internet speed at 3 given sites on the www, and mail them the result. How sick is that, when the complaint is no Internet at all most of the day, how the hell do they expect us to mail them and measure the speed. Beats me, but this is how it is her, everything is slow and everyting is better to do tomorrow or next week.

Quote from "The little Zen companion"

The Zen master said, "Who binds you?" The seeker of liberty said, "No one binds me." The Zen master said, "Then why seek liberation ?"

Zen Mondo

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Discover music 1

Judith de los Santos
Mexican artist>

Winner of 2 LA Music Awards: "Rock Singer/Songwriter of the Year" and "Rock Vocalist of the Year". Also nominated for "Best Album of the Year" (All of the Above). Voted Best Female Artist by the International Acoustic Music Awards.

Check her out, awesome music for the fainted hearted.

If you like her you also should check out Maria Mena, a norwegian singer/songwriter. Her latest album "Cause and effect" is great.

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Windows Vista

I had Vista installed via bootcamp on my Mac in early 2006 when Apple released it's first intel lineup. I experienced at that time unexpectedly crashes and blue screen when leaving my computer on during the night. After some time I could not take it anymore and installed XP instead and it worked flawlessly. With the Toshiba PC I just set up with Vista Ultimate, the same problem occurs. I guess they haven't fixed this bug and they probably never will.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

First post from my iPhone

Mobile Blogging from here.

So this is the first from my iPhone.
Today has been a good day, working on Veros new Toshiba Laptop.

As usual with PC, the hardest work is to reinstall all drivers for Vista. Without refrences and almost impossible to find anything regarding this specific laptop, I had to use all the trick in the book to resolve which hardware was installed inside to find the correct drivers. Luckily I found a technical specification sheet deep buried on a site from Argentina, and could start the search for the drivers.

Now I know why I love Mac and OS X so much, it's simple and you never have to search for hours to find anything.



Blogging is up again due to blogging directly from my iPhone.
As the name it will be about anything between heaven & earth.

Currently blogging from Mexico, and the places where I can find internet accesses while on the GO.