Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Internet in Mexico 3

Today I am blogging from home due to our internet problem at the office.
The maintenance people showed up one day late, but when they heard about my problem they said that they could not help me cause this was not their job, and they didn't know anyway, how to fix this. They did not know either who could, so no the repair circle has ended and I am left with problem that started it all.

I don't really want to call again and be on the phone line for another 45 min.
Any ideas anyone????

This is my second internet provider and I am afraid I have to try to get someone else again. The question is who???? There is no other, long live the monopoly, corruption, low quality products in Mexico it really gives us consumer stability and good services, SLIM....

RIP Megacable it was fun as long as it lasted, LOL

silversurfer alias sailingaction

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