Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Its nice to be able to write directly to your blog from your lap, but I didn’t like the procedure of posting photos.
The procedure involves far to many steps, and your photo has to be online on a photo sharing service as Picasa etc.

silversurfer alias sailingaction

Blogging directly from MacJournal

Trying out the new software MacJournal. Heard so much about it and that blogging with the newest release for Snow Leopard would be a breeze. Haven’t been updating my blog for a while, have been busy with work.

I am looking forward to the release of the new iMac from Apple. It should be released in a week or two. My hopes for this release is a jump in performance.

Below is a photo of the coolest cruiser around “P1120-Fighter.” This cost a fortune and the production is limited.

What else is on my mind is Global Warming. Hey just look around, nature catastrophe all around, makes you wonder how fast we are killing of our planet.

silversurfer alias sailingaction